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Walton Hall is haunted by several spirits including the ghost of ex-resident Lady Daresbury Frances Eliza Griffith (Greenall) 1874-1953 . Lady Daresbury has been seen at the very top of the stairs as well as passing by people who walk on the stairs, many people have been pushed down these stairs by unseen hands and it is said to be Lady Daresbury. The hall us haunted by Alice - a little girl who resided there and died inside the house when she was still only a child.
One of Bump in the Nights favourite locations, this place seems to deliver.


Your night will include.

Chance to investigate many areas of the hall
Chance to use real investigation equipment  
Opportunity to partake in investigation experiments such as Seances/Table Tipping

Free Refreshments


Times :- 9pm-3am


No under 18's , pregnant ladies and no alcohol prior to and during the event, this is for insurance purposes.

One of Bump in the Nights favourite locations, this place seems to deliver.

Walton Hall Warrington

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  • These are real ghost hunts and are taken seriously. We do not jump out or try to scare our guests. Whatever happens, happens, so we let our guests be responsible for making their own decisions about what they are experiencing. Our hosts will only offer thier thoughts when asked.


  • To ensure all of our guests enjoy and feel safe on our events please read and agree to the terms of our booking policy, also please share with all parties in your booking. By booking any event with Bump in the Night Ghost Tours you are choosing to agree to our Terms and Conditions and Behavour Policy, this includes booking for yourself or any other persons within your group.The named person on the booking will be responsible for any other person they book for and will be held liable for any damage or mis behaviour within their group. No behaviour deemed to have a detrimental impact on either guests or the event will be tollereted. Any behaviour deemed inapropriate will be dealt with immediately and the person or people involved will be removed from the event. IT IS PROHIBITED FOR ANYONE TO COMSUME ALCOHOL OR DRUGS PRIOR OR DURING THE EVENT. Anyone thought to be under the influence of either drugs or alcohol will not be allowed to take part on the event and will be asked to leave with immediate effect. Thank you for agreeing our terms and choosing to book with Bump in the Night Ghost Tours.