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Skirrid Inn Execution Night " Thursday 27TH June"




With evidence suggesting the Inn was here during the Norman Conquest in the 11th Century, a few ghosts may be not unexpected, but a more grisly past is credited with spectral visitations.

Used during the past as both a courtroom & an execution place with its’ own oak hanging beam, it’s said that the victims of the rope still appear and is why the Inn is listed as one of Britains’ Most Haunted Pubs.

The inn has a reputation of being one of the scariest places in the UK that several paranormal investigators have visited it over the years to refute and prove the existence of its ghostly residents. When the formerly landlady of the inn tried to sell it, glasses went mysteriously flying in the kitchen.The Hanging Judge is rumoured to still talk the upper floors of the inn, looking for people to condemn to death. One felon who was sentenced to death, John Crowther, a sheep rustler, has been seen several times in the property. The evil presence of the judge’s hangman has also been reported.

With glasses flying without being touched; the rustling of a lady’s dress; sound of soldiers in the courtyard and sightings of the White Lady. Visitors have reported a myriad of disturbing phenomena and most of them have complained that they felt as if they were being strangled. Others have said that they felt nauseous and dizzy while in the property.


Join bump in the night ghost tours as we spend a night in one of the uk's most haunted inns.



skirrid inn execution night