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Penrhyn Old Hall at a 14th Century Pub located on the North Wales Coast


The origin of Penrhyn Old Hall is somewhat enveloped in mystery with many ghosts and poltergeists haunting its old rooms.

Bump in the night ghost tours are excited to be holding a 100% Christmas ghost hunt at one of the most active locations in the uk, PENRHYN OLD HALL.

This location is rife with poltergeist activity, with things flying off walls and people being scratched this location has a very big reputation even most haunted was proud of.

Be part of our team as we investigate this very haunted location.


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Penrhyn Old Hall

  • Penrhyn Old Hall is haunted by numerous ghosts. One is that of a monk who walks through the room above the Baronial Hall and along the passage.

    Another is that of a young girl, who haunts the stairway. A descendant of the Pugh family, she was murdered by her sisters to prevent her marrying out of the Catholic faith.

    In the far end of the Function room in the seating area, is a bad tempered young man who does not like being disturbed and on the old dance floor in the Function room, there is a soldier who is said to be frustrated by not being able to go to war.

    In the Tudor Bar, an old lady has been seen sitting on the left hand side of the fireplace and occasionally, she gets up and goes up the stairs situated next to the fire place.

    In the restaurant there is a mischievous young boy who moves the chairs and sprinkles salt on the tables.

    The most intense area of paranormal activity is in the Baronial Hall and the room above it where the monk is.