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Why Bump In The Night Ghost Tours?


There are lots of ghost hunting companies out there offering all types of events.

Like ghost walks, ghost suppers, ghost hunts, and medium nights, and thats fine,

but we are a little different.

Our organisers have listened to its guests over the years to find out what the

people who are spending silly amounts of money on events really want on there ghost hunts.



We found out that guests want ghost hunts more affordable. 

Ghost hunting is an expensive hobby especilly when travelling is involved. So we take every consideration to ensure that our events are affordable for, we hope, anybody.


No fake scares!!

We offer 100% ghost hunts on all our events, we are involved in the paranormal because "WE" want to know ourselves what really happens when we pass on, so we take our ghost hunting seriously.

"when things happen its really happening"



Lots of guests have been ghost hunting before and know what to do, but there are people who are coming on an event for the very first time.

Our aim is to make sure that all guests are involved in some way. All our guests are important to us and we want you all to go away at the end of your night 100 % happy.

When the lights go off you are no longer a guest but instead a valuable member of our team,

although you won't be asked to do anything you dont want to do.



Ghost hunting is not just scary but its also dangerous and although our staff are always on hand to ensure your safety, we know also that  you are not children and for this reason we DO give you the chance to explore alone later on your event.

Happy ghost hunting!




Hi Ste,

Its just a really big thank you to you and your team for what can only be explained as a fantastic night. As I've said in the past it was something that i had wanted to do for some time and now I've got the bug!


Thanks guys!!!


sarah x

Great guys ! Great Event! as always.

See you on the next one!!!



Thanks for a great night. Defo be seeing us again soon. Really nice guys for anyone wanting to go on a ghost hunt these guys are great. Cracking night with a great bunch of people. really enjoyed it. Vik and jay

Thanks guys had a fantastic night didn't want it to end. Brilliant team an hospitality. Will defiantly be doing another investigation with you soon. If anyone's looks to do a investigation these are the guys to go with can highly recommend them. Freda x